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Sammi's Discography

Album 1: Sammi
1990 Capital Artists
Album 2: Holiday
1991 Capital Artists
Album 3: Never Too Late
1992 Capital Artists
Album 4: Happy Maze
1993 Capital Artists
Album 5: Big Revenge
1993 Capital Artists
Album 6: Ten Commandments
1994 Capital Artists
Album 7: Time, Place, People
時間 地點 人物
1994 Capital Artists
Album 8: Sammi
1994 Capital Artists
Album 9: After
1995 Capital Artists
Album 10: "It's About Time" for 18 New/Old Songs
1995 Capital Artists
Album 11: Can't Let Go of You
1995 Warner Music
Album 12: Don't! 17 New/Old Songs
1996 Capital Artists
Album 13: Can't Let Go
1996 Warner Music
Album 14: Worth It
1996 Warner Music
Album 15: "It's About Time @ Don't" for 35 New/Old Songs
1996 Captial Artists
Album 16: Strong Passion
1996 Warner Music
Album 17: Sammi X Live 96
鄭秀文 X 空間演唱會
1997 Warner Music
Album 18: Waiting Because You
1997 Warner Music
Album 19: Our Theme Song
1997 Warner Music
Album 20: Warner Mastersonic 24K Compilation
1997 Warner Music

Here is a list of all her albums. I know that there is atleast one new one which I do not have on my list. If somebody has the information on this new CD, could you please email it to me. Also, if I missed something, then please let me know.

Sammi's Filmography

Movie 1: The Lucky Guy
Movie 2: To Killing Me Tenderly
Movie 3: To Feel 100%... Once More!

To tell you the truth, I don't know much about her movies.. I am not even sure what role she plays in these movies. I just know that she is in them (according to other sources). If anybody knows about these or has links to them, please feel free to tell me so that I can expand on my information.

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