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Sammi's Profile

Name: Sammi Cheng Sau Man; Gq
Original Name: Twinnie
Birthdate: August 19, 1972
Place Of Birth: Hong Kong
Height: 168 cm - 5'6"
Weight: 51 kg.
Born In The Year Of The: Rat
Horoscope Sign: Leo
Religion: Catholic
Highest Level of Education: Form 5
Favourite Color: Anything but YELLOW!
Favourite Activities: Jogging, Dancing, and Shopping
Favourite People: Her Parents
Favourit Place: Hong Kong (Home)
Favourite Holiday: Christmas and New Years
Favourite Foods: Anything spicy or salty, watermelons, and oranges
Favourite Things To Do: Eat, Sleep, Shop
Favourite Car: Alfa 164 Opel
Favourite Musical Instrument: Saxophone

This is the best information I could find. If you have any new information, then please email me. Thanks!

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