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Techno Corp. Guestbook

For now, this will be simply a way to access our guestbook. Later on, we will attempt to turn this area into a voting spot. Anyways, please sign and give us your suggestions/comments...

how about viewing it?

[New!]Planned Updates For Techno Corp.

April 16: we have done some more work on Sammi's Page. It now has a new format, along with some information and links. Check it out and let me know what you think of this format. :) If people like the format, then we will update all of the pages to this style.

Future Watch: we still have a lot of information on each girl, and we hope to add a profile page for each. we have also had requests for some new sections. we will post them as soon as possible.

New Site: we are proud to say that we will be expanding Techno Corp. into the Japanese community. we now have a page that is located on a Japan server. However, we need somebody who can write Japanese on the computer, to help me with the translation. Techno Corp. Japan should make it faster for people overseas who want to view my webpage. If you can help usin this task, please email us.

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