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Spyder's Internet Almanac Page

This page was updated on April 13, 1999.

Internet Almanac

Site Name Description
CityNet Information and maps of cities around the world
DejaNews Search past USENET articles Search engine to look up word spellings, definitions, and etymology
Encarta Online Online encyclopedia
Excite General Internet search engine
Johnson County, Kansas County government information
Johnson County Public Library Online library reference materials
Kansas City Public Library Online library reference materials
Kansas City Music Calendar of Kansas City area music events
Kansas City want ads Browse the current Kansas City want ads
Library of Congress History, arts, and literature of the USA
MapQuest This site makes maps for you
IMDb Internet Movie Database (movie history, trivia, etc.)
MovieLink Current movie information
NetRadio Radio programs via the web Various WWW search engines
StarDate Online Astronomical information
SwitchBoard Search engine to find phone numbers and addresses
TerraServer View satellite photographs online
Tests, Tests, Tests... A collection of online cognitive, behavioral, and personality tests
Translations Translate English text to various other languages Search engine to check the status of airline flights
TV listings Search engine to find out what's on TV
US Postal Service ZIP + 4 search engine
World Clock Time of day around the world

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