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Spyder's Automotive Links Page

This page was updated on September 23, 1998.

Automotive links

Site Name Description
Auto 5 International site for listing your car for sale (FREE)
Auto-by-Tel Shop for and buy a car over the Internet
CarPoint Shop for and buy a car over the Internet
Car Talk Off the wall automotive advice
Edmund's Automobile buyer's guides
Kelley Blue Book Car prices and information
MapQuest This site makes maps for you
Saturn's web site Official Saturn automobile home page
The Saturn Forum Information about Saturn automobiles
Saturn Performance Specialists Hot rod Saturn equipment
NASCAR Online Official site for NASCAR Racing information
Spyder's NASCAR Racing page Information about the stock car racing simulation game from Sierra
Spyder's Need for Speed 2 page Information about the sports car racing simulation game from EA
Vintage car ads Place to buy vintage car ads and brochures

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