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Spyder's Cyber-Geek Links Page

This page was updated on March 5, 1999.

Links for Cyber-Geeks

Site Name Description
April Systems Home of the AniTa Telnet program
BOPA (Back Office Prof. Assoc.) Support information for Microsoft Back Office profesionals
C-NET Shareware software
ComputerUser Online Kansas City technology 'zine
Creative Labs Sound cards and related PC hardware
Data Fellows Virus detection/removal software
DejaNews Search past USENET articles
Device drivers links Links to find device drivers from various hardware and software manufacturers
Excite General Internet search engine
Gateway 2000 Product support and information for Gateway 2000 customers
Heartland Users Group page Consortium of Kansas City area computer special interest groups
Heartland Users Group's SQL Server SIG page Kansas City's SQL Server Users Group and SQL Server links
HTML 4.0 reference guide Great resource for HTML programming
Information Week Online version of the weekly computer industry magazine
Jumbo Shareware software The site for information about freeware UNIX for your PC
MetaCreations New 3D web technology
Microsoft The world's largest software company
Oracle Number two in the software business
PC World Online Personal computer periodical
PKWare File zipping/unzipping software
QUE Publishing Computer-related on-line publications
RealNetworks On-demand audio, video, and animation Various WWW search engines
Silicon Valley Tarot Cards Silicon Valley Tarot Cards
Simtel.Net Shareware software
Site Inspector Checks web page validity
Software.Net Search engine for computer-related technical publications
Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps All the best files for surfing the net
Tucows Another great site for Internet Apps
Windows NT Registry Tips, Registry Hacks, and more Great site for NT hackers
Ziff-Davis Net Miscellaneous downloadable software

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